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Long Beach: Full of rare species!!?

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Today my Grandma took me to Long Beach in Staten Island. I did what I always do at the beach: See what wierd stuff I can scoop up with nets. The first thing I got was tucked away in seaweed: I had learned that you can occasionally find some wierd things hiding in Seaweed. It was a tiny Puffer, smaller than a pea. I put in a bucket of water, where it puffed up and swam around for a few minutes doing the backstroke, refusing to deflate. I went back, catching Sand Shrimp, ending up with at least 20, a couple Glass Shrimp, the ones that are see-thru other than a tiny dark strip on the belly, except a large one that was transparent orange.
A bunch of tiny Calico Crabs, so many Hermit Crabs that I started releasing them because I was tired of running up on shore to put them in my "tank," about 5 Northern Kingfish. THEN it got wierd. I scraped up algae growing on a rock. I ended up with a brown Shrimp of about 3 inches long with a razor-sharp blade on its head, although it was not a Mantis. The spike was on its forehead and fixed in place. This appendage is present on all Shrimp but not visible on tiny Sand/Glass Shrimp. and, in the same scoop, a tiny green Wrasse, a relative of Cunners and Tautogs. The next "new species" I caught in the net was a right-eyed Flatfish of a couple inches long. It wasn't a Flounder, it had the predatory, squared-off mouth of a Fluke. It also had rusty rings on its body. It had fins with angled corners on them. Final answer:
Baby Halibut. While some anglers may not have even known some of these species exist, I swear that I caught them today. Bigcity, rare fish. lol
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While Halibut is a good guess, I would be willing to bet that it was/is a four spot

They are pretty common down that way this time of year. would like to see pictures next time. Netting in warm water can result in some cool catches
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