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Live Lining Technic

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I really havn't got much experience at live lining... but I've been told that live lining Porgies is great for Bass.

The other day, as I was running past the bait shop at KP Bluff, I saw 3 guys (could'a sworn they had 4 bass, but I am probably wrong) all keepers none the less...

I heard once again that they caught them on Porgies... So, today I head out, a little fishing here and there and headed to Crane Neck. Put the clam on the hook, had a Progy in 5 minutes. Left him on the line (hooked through the lower lip). Sat there amongst the rocks for at least an hour. Nothing... (had 2 poles out like this too)

1 had a 4/0 hook, the other an 8/0, both had 2 oz sinkers on to keep them down. Am I missing anything other than patience and location?

I thought it odd (great for them) that these guys had caught that many Bass around Crane's and I didn't get a nibble, tug, anything...

Really been having terrible luck with Stripers this year (not one keeper yet, 3 schoolies). I've used worms, eels (Blues like me for that) clam... I've fished the Ness inlet, Fish Haven, the dropoff at Sunken Meadow, Crane's, close in at Sunken Meadow... Tried hanging around rocks or any kind of structure, is it that the Fish gods don't see it as my time yet ;o)

I've been told to head for the deep water, but seems like a desert out there, no structure or bait showing on the finder, and again, I was always told STRUCTURE STRUCTURE STRUCTURE!

Fished today from 3-9pm... Caught about 7-8 Porgies, 5 Sea Robins and about a pound of Salt on my right arm ;o)

Not looking for exact locations, more like suggestions as to what to look for.

There's a hole off Sunken Meadow that I've tried about 5 times, nothing but Porgies and birds have come up from there.

Going to try to head out around 6am for another round... Place your Porgy orders now ;o)


PS: the 2 Porgies at Crane's were released to tell the tale
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you could try finding the fish

Hey reel just putting a live porgy out will not do it. The guys you see live lining them are fishing in areas that are holding the fish. The live bait they are using is what they are feeding on now so that is why it works well. You have to find structure rock piles rips and other areas the bass will lay. This time of year the bass fishing is most productive in the first light hours and evening. The water temps are very warm which will make the bigger bass stay in deep cold pockets around structure. They will come on the feed when the temps drop. This will usually trigger them. But if you know a good spot they are holding you can get them sometimes when ever they are ready to eat. So as you see just putting down live bait requires more then the bait it's self. Knowledge can never kill you!
There is more them meets the eye. You need to put some time in and experiment more. Think of all the years and trips behind most of these sharpies. you can not learn that in 1 trip my friend. Fish ahave tails and swim and knowing how and when to adapt makes the sharpie catch fish.Good luck and my the force be on your hook?
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