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live bait well??

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i am looking to build a live bait well for my boat- mainly for bunker. i was thinking of using a small garbage can as the hold, but i am not sure what to use for the pump or how to set it up most efficiently. any suggestions?
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Guy's I have a serious question.?Anybody know about EELS?????????

I am starting my collection of eels,in the Garage,for the fall when decent sized eels are hard to find.
I have them in a 150qt.cooler,350gph pump,timer & change the water every 3or4 days.
My first question is:what to feed them,When they catch them they use horse shoe crabs,but that might be a little crazy,just for a tank in the garage,maybe a pet store.I have thrown lobster bodies in there(don't now about that)The other Q's is,They are going from dark to light(changing color)Anybody know about EELS?????????

Thanxs so much.I found out,I should be using a darker tank.Thanxs so much,I will go get some mussells.
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