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live bait well??

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i am looking to build a live bait well for my boat- mainly for bunker. i was thinking of using a small garbage can as the hold, but i am not sure what to use for the pump or how to set it up most efficiently. any suggestions?
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On the tuna partyboats I have seen people bring huge plastic drums. Larger and heavier walled than a normal garbage can. Look at the back of a partyboat and you will see what I mean. They cut off the top, put a wooden lid on hinges and coil a long washdown hose into the bottom, using some plumbing to split up multiple washdown hoses so they still have something to clean the boat.

I have the 5 gallon Igloo cooler with 2 portable pumps. Insulated and the handles and lid are useful. If you want to hold 6 snappers for a few hours, it works, anything more, it's too small.
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