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live bait well??

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i am looking to build a live bait well for my boat- mainly for bunker. i was thinking of using a small garbage can as the hold, but i am not sure what to use for the pump or how to set it up most efficiently. any suggestions?
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I guess it depends On how you want to do things. You may want use a round "party cooler" .Costco has them but I can't remember how much. They are insulated and have a drain installed already. Get a 12v live well airator and you are in business. This is providing you have some way to fill it. I have a raw water wash pump I use to fill live wells. I hope that helps. Good luck.

The Rodbuster
I respectfully disagree. Generally, fish do not evacuate (for lack of a better term) at a rate high enough to raise the ammonia levels in the water in a fishing days time. If there are enough fish in a livewell to do that then they will run out of air before toxic poisoning happens. If you go with just a bilge pump, that is fine, but remember that the water you are pumping into the livewell is warm (surface water). Warm water does not hold as much disolved oxygen as cold water. Thus you can't keep as much bait in the livewell.
My suggestion is to aerate and add ice to the water (this is why I suggested the cooler). And yes it is ok to add ice to saltwater. Just enough to keep the fish happy. If you are concerned about ammonia levels, then change your water every couple of hours. The cooler has a built in drain...remember.

However this is JMHO.

The Rodbuster
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