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live bait well??

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i am looking to build a live bait well for my boat- mainly for bunker. i was thinking of using a small garbage can as the hold, but i am not sure what to use for the pump or how to set it up most efficiently. any suggestions?
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Custom Made from Leftovers

I am in the process of making one for myself. There was an old post for this but I added a little more.
I have access to a 20 gallon plastic barrell that was used for commerical soap. It is made of heavy plastic with heavy re-enforced rings. I am going to cut the top off to a certain point so I don't have to hinge it. Next I am putting a outlet in the bottom with a small hand valve that will act as a drain also when I disconnect. On my boat I have a raw water washdown by the transom well. What I will do there is go to home depot and get a good Y fitting or splitter and put it right on the oultet for the washdown, and run 1 to the tank and 1 for the washdown.
You may have to make up a small hose for the tank depending where you are putting it. Also the outlet may have to be bushed up in size so you can put an adopter that goes from NPT ( national pipe thread) to a hose thread.
As stated I gat the idea from an old Post so I can't take credit for this. I think it Mako Mike who put it up, I amjust modifiying ot a little. Naturally you will have to have an outlet at the top for overflow but that is the easy part.
I saw the barrel at OZZIES CAMPING EQUIPMENT In Bohenia. I know the owner there and he even has all the fittings that will conform to a round barrel. Sorry only 1 barerel there but the fittings are the impotant thing.
I believe there is a plastic tank place on Sunrise Hgwy in Lindenhurst and he has all sorts os contaniers there.
I told the owner of Ozzie's ( Nelson) to save those containers and make good use out of something that otherwise will be discarded. His eyes lighted right up.
The placement of this tank can be put on a small swim platform and strapped down or in a small corner of the boat.

As Skatemaster has stated it will work and a 20 or 25 gallon tank will keep your bait alive for a long time.

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