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Mike I will try to help you here but the questions you asked could take forever to type out so here is a basic answer to your questions .

1- bunker, snappers, blow fish, herring , shad , eels, and sea bass ,black fish, flounder (of the right size of course)

2- various methods of how to catch these different baits can involve cast netting for bunker and snappers, using sabiki trees for shad and herring ,or clam or squid strips for the blowfish sea bass and blacks near structure.

3- these baits can be fished anywhere best answer is where the bass are . All of those places you mentioned are good places to find bass.

4- depending on where you are bait will arrive at different times . Where I am from the flounder show first then the blowfish sea bass and blacks are always around to some degree herring mid may to june snappers july and aug as well as the bunker. Also dont exclude weakfish if you can get some .Bass will eat just about anything that swims if its hungry. Eels manly in the fall.

5 sorry cant help ya here!

Good luck ! Capt. Dean on the Quick Release
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