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I have a 10ft St.croix and use a penn 6500. I use 30lbs test FireLine.
Works great.
Tried power pro recently #50
Didnt like it. Wind Knot city!
Even the line snapped on the cast after
it tide itself to the guides.
Couldnt believe it, 50lbs test...
Never experienced anything like that with fireline.
My buddy at work bought #30lbs power pro
slapped it on the penn liveliner and was
livelining a peanut bunker when the reel
started to scream he clicked the mechanism over and SNAP!!!
He checked it out and it wasnt a knot failure. The line looked Frayed.
No matter what the case I'm going to stick with what works.
No need to test any other line out there!

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Why use mono because its cheaper. $$$
If your first starting out surfcasting
better off working out the kinks first
with mono.
You can get 900 yds of mono on the
average for $6 or $7 bucks.
If you happen to get a wind knots,rats nest or Bucktailing and snag on a rock
no problem if you have to cut the line
so be it.
No try that with braid your talkin anywhere from $13 to $16 just for 125yds
or 150 yds. It can get expensive if you dont know what your doing or how to fish certain lures.
Best bet start off with mono then switch
over to either Power pro,fireline or whatever other braid line is out there
when you become more experienced.
Some guys like using mono and have no need for the super braids.
You might like one brand of braided line
and switch over to another brand and have problems.

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