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Line on or off

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Just wondering if you leave line on over the winter or change it every year. Do you do the same thing for spinning and conventional reels?
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I agree with MakoMutt. I change my line on the light stuff on a need to basis. The line on my big guns gets changed every season. It may not need it, but I change it anyway. I can't afford to lose a big fish because of a nick in the line I didn't know was there. You just don't hook that many big fish anymore. I take off about 80% of the old line and attatch the new line via a blood knot. We have caught a lot of big fish and I have never seen the blood knot while fighting a fish. I have about a dozen big guns to spool every year, so I save a little money by doing it this way. It also helps if you use quality line. This is not the area you want to be cheap.

Capt. H
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