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Jon I feel that all kayaks that go out at night should have running lights.I have been out too many times in windy conditions where I did not hear a boat coming.A flashing light indicates distress and you might have to many people investigate and ruin your fishing.A bow light and stern light indicates that you are a boat/kayak.I believe the coast guard actually requires it.A head lamp turned on is not good from behind and you may end up with a boat coming up from behind.The safest you can be in a yak is at night with running lights.It is far more visible then even that fusia kayak that Magilla Gorilla owns.Having said that I turn off my lights in many areas so that I do not spook the fish.Not safe but stealthy.I always turn them back on near the boat channels
Thanks for the info on the seat...Bummer Doug M
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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