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Light Tackle Cod Fishing

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Anyone ever tried it? I'm thinking of giving it a shot over the summer, using a newell 220 matched to a "lep stick" with 12 lb power pro.
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hey fred,
thanks for the advice. I think i want something below 30lb, because im mostly gonna be trying this on half day trips, where the biggest fish are usually no more than 10 or 15 pounds. For this, i think 30lb PP is still overkill. Maybe I should go with 20lb? I see what you mean about 12 not doing much, it probably will barely move the jig because you have to jig so slowly as to not break the line.
hey bob, i actually got the idea from jim m telling me about it. You think a 6'3" rod is too short to jig with, or will it be ok? First bunny trip next sunday, lookin' forward to it.
Talk to you later,
well I've got a 7 ft bps 10-20 lb stick rated up to 1.5 oz coming in the mail, but i think that would be too light. I'll take a look when it gets here. What sort of off the rack stick do you think would be good
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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