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I do alot of fishing at night and I use a head lamp, L.E.D is the way to go because they last forever. the petzl tikka is a good one and comes with some different color lenses. I also have a running light that that attaches to a little bracket on my kayak. Some of the marine shops carry ones that work with suction cups....I dont know if any of you heard the story about the kayaker who got stuck on execution lighthouse rocks this year, this guy went out in Febuary and headed from westchester to the north shore. He couldnt make it back because it got nasty out, he had to pull up and Execution rocks and he was on the verge of freezing, he had one flare and used it and lucky for him someone on land saw it and call the coast guard. I would say to always have some kind of flasher on you, you never know what could happen. Just having a flashlight wont cut it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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