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Light system

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I am interested in taking the kayak out at night. i want to get ideas and opinions on a light system. such as do you need anything more then a regular headlamp, what is a good brand etc...thanks.
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A headlamp is good to have to see items that you're rigging, etc. There are lots of brands. Get a waterproof one. Also bring a set of spare batteries.

Its also a good idea to carry some other lights. A flasher is a great idea when you're traveling open water. Joey had one and when its on I can spot him wherever he is. We had Harbor Patrol come from a long ways off t check on us one night when we beached on a large rock to fish and wait for the tide.

Also I like to carry a 360 degree PFD light which I put in the elastic of my headlamp. When I turn it on I can be seen from all directions.
Where can I buy a suitable light system? How do they attach...Velcro? You need a light with green and red right? White on the back, or different rules for this? Thanks.

thanks for the reply..i actualy do have a waterproof headlamp that has made night surfcasting much, much better. I picked up a Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe yesterday. It has a steady flash of light that is bright, but seems to be pinpointed, so i hope it wont spook any fish. Does anyone use this??? If so, any comments are welcome. Thanks again
I do alot of fishing at night and I use a head lamp, L.E.D is the way to go because they last forever. the petzl tikka is a good one and comes with some different color lenses. I also have a running light that that attaches to a little bracket on my kayak. Some of the marine shops carry ones that work with suction cups....I dont know if any of you heard the story about the kayaker who got stuck on execution lighthouse rocks this year, this guy went out in Febuary and headed from westchester to the north shore. He couldnt make it back because it got nasty out, he had to pull up and Execution rocks and he was on the verge of freezing, he had one flare and used it and lucky for him someone on land saw it and call the coast guard. I would say to always have some kind of flasher on you, you never know what could happen. Just having a flashlight wont cut it.
We have some navigation lights at the shop.
Also makes kayak specific ones. Check them out, we'll probably carry them in the future.
Question for JonSS

What shop are you talking about? Please let me know,. I just called West Marine and they didnt have anything that seemed suitable. Thanks.
In Sport-O-Rama. You can see where it is at our site the best place ever..its owned by jon and joey..they are being careful not to use these boards to advertise..they give u good clean honest stuff (**** they even sent u to another site) stick with them and u can't go wrong.
jon and joey

i am almost hesitant to put this comment down because I dont want anyone thinking it was a set up. I want to thank Joey for all his advice, and willingness to help over the past few months. Not once was his advice self serving (i.e to get me too his site - which is great) thanks and hope to see you on the water
Thanks cam, even though I know how Joey feels I won't speak for him but I will for me. Its all about helping. I try to help any way that I can. I certainly don't have all the answers or even most of them. When people call me an expert I cringe. I like to say that I'm a bit further up the learning curve than most and behind some others. I learn new things about this sport every day.

Our business came about because there wasn't a reliable place to get the right stuff for this sport. When I started out the information, via the internet, was available, but was specific to other parts of the country and heavily slanted towards southern CA. Our waters are very different and the equipment, methods and sometimes the kayaks we use are different. So not only is it our goal to supply regional information and products but to provide the support the sport desperately needs. We have several advisor/consultants, one of which has been kayak fishing since 1983 on the left coast.

Last fall I was contacted by an editor of Field & Stream and interviewed for some articles that they're doing on kayak fishing. He is a kayak fisherman and has done quite a bit of research on the sport. He knows what's out there. When I launched the site I got an email from the editor and he congratulated me on the site and told me how desperately the sport needed something like what we plan on doing.

We're certinly going to make our share of mistakes, and we've made plenty already, but our intentions are the highest. TO help people get into the sport the right way, meet others who participate, and offer things like trips, etc. that require #s to be successfull.

So we, of course, value your good wishes, opinions and business.

Magilla, actually the good people here at NE told us that we could talk business since we advertize. We just try to limit it since this isn't our sandlot. We don't feel that its appropriate to say too much so we don't offend people.
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