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LI Sound

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I was gonna hit the local pond to do some bass fishing, but started
thinking about the saltwater critters again.

I need to find a nice go-to spot to satisfy my urge to surf
fishing....or I guess in my case sound fishing. I jumped in the car
and started scouting some Locations on the Western end of Long Island

I was running late and arrived just after the peek of high. After
about 15 minutes of working the dropping tide I hooked two schoolie
stripers on 6" sluggos. One was about 24" and the other around 17".
I was wading in about waist deep and both dropped of just short of
the grab as they made a last dash. Self release...but it was great to
see their colors.

I goofed off a bit and got some footage of a spider crab and some
horseshoe crabs on the mate.

I had been fishing for two hours and I had not seen any signs of bait
or any other fish besides the schoolies I caught. So, I began my
return back and I hooked up with a nice little surprise. My first
Bluefish of 2008!

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