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This is important for any New Yorker who fishes CT waters in the Sound...

I noticed a post recently from a fisherman bragging that he caught his limit of blacks in less than 2 hrs while fishing the Eaton's Neck area. He later disclosed that he was fishing a few locations on the CONNETICUT side opposite Eaton's Neck. Considering that the 2002 CT regulations for Blackfish are FOUR fish 14" or larger per day, I am assuming that he was following NY regs and not CT regs, because four keepers in 2 hours isn't much to brag about. If that's the case, then he broke CT state law and could have been heavily fined. Just an FYI, here are the 2002 CT daily POSSESSION regs and a few notes about how they apply to New Yorkers;

Striped Bass- ONE 24" to 32" fish per angler and ONE 41" or greater fish per angler. Party boats & charter boats are allowed two 28" or greater fish per angler. The season is OPEN ALL YEAR.

Bluefish- Ten per angler all year.

Scup (Porgie)- 25 fish per day 9" or greater. Season 6/3 to 10/23.

Tautog (Blackfish)- FOUR per angler 14" or greater. Season CLOSED 5/1 to 6/14.

Winter Flounder- EIGHT per angler 12" or greater. Season open year round.

Summer Flounder- SIX per angler 17" or greater. Season open year round.

Sea Bass- 25 per angler 11" or greater. Season CLOSED 3/1 to 5/9.

The most important notation to these regs are that just like NY regs, these are POSSESSION regs. That means that it does not matter what State your boat is registered in or what state you return to port in. The regs apply to you if you are within the CT waters.

The 2nd note about possession laws that apply to both states is that if you catch your limit, you should not continue to target the species via catch & release. For instance, if you have one legal striper in the cooler, you will actually be in possession of TWO stripers should you continue to fish and boat another, even if you intend to throw the second fish back.

The 3rd note is for party boat fishermen. It is important that you understand that it is not the mate or the captain's responsibility to enforce the DEC laws of either state. For instance, the James Joseph almost exclusively fishes for blackfish on the CT side of the Sound. However, if you go back and read the fishing reports you will hear about specific anglers on that boat who caught more than the four fish per day limit. I think it's only a matter of time before the CT Environmental Protection officers decide to target the James Joseph and other New York party boats for possession violations. BE CAREFUL! The individual anglers will be issued the summons and fines, not the captain or the boat!!!!

Finally, the CT fisherman must also respect our possession laws in NY. So if you see a CT boat keeping a fluke this week on the NY side, let them know that their CT "open season" for fluke does not apply to them while they are in NY waters.
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