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Visit NYFTTA's website to see their position on this new law. (Look under Board Proposals, 5/7/02)

I'm heading over to sign the PETA petition right now... and I will post the petiton link in the next LIBBA newsletter. You should be advised that this law was initiated mostly by the Audibon Society... at least, they have a heavy hand in it.

This is how it starts, a little here, a little there, divide and conquer. That's how they'll sneak up on us... I forget who to attribute this qoute to, but "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance..."

Get active, get involved with some organization or at the least just support them... you can chose from about 15 organizations and clubs on long Island that support our sport. Please pick at least one.

The sqeaky wheel gets the grease, and if you just stand by, this law is an example of what'll happen. It passed, and on -bad- science, but it passed. Now it'll be twice as hard to remove it and easier for them to add to it.

They have pretty Actors and Actresses with money on their side, all we have is a bunch of smelly fishermen, so it's gonna be twice as hard. PLEASE GET INVOLVED!

1 - 2 of 62 Posts
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