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Shocker not leader

A shocker is different from a leader. At 7 or 8 feet that is what is hanging from the tiptop and will not be affected by a levelwind. It is basically a leader. A shocker needs to be that distance plus the distance down the rod and 2-4 wraps around the spool. Down in Hatteras I used a 60lb shocker albrighted to my 20lb running line of Big Game Mono. That knot would blow up a levelwind reel because with the slightest hesitation caused by the knot that spool is still gonna burn fast while the line has slowed or even jammed at the levelwind. Talk about explosion! A nonlevelwind conventional is a must for this type of fishing aand even then you get some blowups. A levelwind has its place and many guys baitfish with them. But if you're casting 8nbait, distance, and using a heavy shocker it's best to stay with a regular conventional. The new Daiwas "shv or if you got bucks Grandwave are the way to go. The Squidder is a Dinosaur that should be retired with the Cracks and Luxors.
I would have never said that 2 years ago, but you have to try one to believe it.
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