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Let's Talk Fluke Teasers

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Quite a few Noreasters have been getting the jump on the coming season by and e-mailing me asking about my B/S rig and the teasers that I like to use on it above the sinker.

I think that this would be a good time to illustrate a few patterns that have worked for us on the Lep over the past two seasons.

I also believe this would be a good time because of the proximity of the Freeport Show, at which one of the best if not THE best teaser creator I know of will be exhibiting and selling his products. I'm talking about our own Tom/"Reelteasers." You can catch him sharing a booth with the good Capt. Neil and Al "Rodprof" Goldberg. That booth will therefore have 3 of the nicest guys you will ever meet in attendence, there to answer your questions, show their wares and maybe even make a sale or two.

Anyways, here in no particular order are a few patterns that I consider "Must Haves" when I go for the flat ones:

First up is the "Squid Fly." This one works well mid-Summer when we see those tiny blue and white scratches on the fish finder scattered just over the bottom. I like it with a small piece of fish-bait on it - I prefer a tiny spearing - maybe 2" long max:

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I find on different days different colors work consistantly. WHITE, GREEN,and PINK ARE MOST PRODUCTIVE for me here in Shinne****. Remember light spectrum gets filtered out as the depth increases, red first and WE DONT KNOW HOW FLUKE SEE COLORS. But they have a preference and the depth and amount of sun light plays a role for sure. Last season I caught a 2nd place winner on a fly I made from my dogs tail fur which is brown and white in 50 ft of water. I missed first place buy 2.5 oz. and missed out on 5k at molnars tourney. :rolleyes:oUcH!!!! I guess my fish vomited too much on the way up.
I love tying but last year i got into making spro like lead heads painted them up real nice and i bought a bunch of HOOCHIE SQUIDS and I killed the fluke.
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