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Let's Talk Fluke Teasers

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Quite a few Noreasters have been getting the jump on the coming season by and e-mailing me asking about my B/S rig and the teasers that I like to use on it above the sinker.

I think that this would be a good time to illustrate a few patterns that have worked for us on the Lep over the past two seasons.

I also believe this would be a good time because of the proximity of the Freeport Show, at which one of the best if not THE best teaser creator I know of will be exhibiting and selling his products. I'm talking about our own Tom/"Reelteasers." You can catch him sharing a booth with the good Capt. Neil and Al "Rodprof" Goldberg. That booth will therefore have 3 of the nicest guys you will ever meet in attendence, there to answer your questions, show their wares and maybe even make a sale or two.

Anyways, here in no particular order are a few patterns that I consider "Must Haves" when I go for the flat ones:

First up is the "Squid Fly." This one works well mid-Summer when we see those tiny blue and white scratches on the fish finder scattered just over the bottom. I like it with a small piece of fish-bait on it - I prefer a tiny spearing - maybe 2" long max:

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I was fortunate to run into "Tom the Teaser Man" at Mark Flynn's shop last year (at least I think that was Tom anyway). He had some beautiful teasers with him and of course I could not resist. I bought several and HAMMERED the fluke with them. The orange one you showed on page one was lethal early on and the green and white later in July and August. I lost the orange one on some hard bottom after I used it about 5 times. I was so heartbroken I almost cried! I think you are 100% correct when you say color is important. There are days when the fluke absolutely are keyed in on a specific color and will barely look at anything else. No doubt about it! Also, a few of the guys (TogMaster) suggest trimming the hair back to the hook. Sometimes the size of the presentation is key. That is also an excellent tip. I have done that to great success and many more hook-ups.

If I see Tom at the Feeport show, I might just go broke. "Tom, please have some of those orange jammies because I NEED THEM BAD!!!"

Keep up this thread. I'm learning new info on every page...

Lep, I sent you a PM regarding fluking!

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AnthonyYale those are some beautiful teasers you made. I took a good look at them at the bash. Quality work.

Hey Sam843, if you decide those teasers are not your cup of tea, let me know. I'd be happy to buy 'em from ya.

Thanks for keeping your word and saving a few of those orange teasers for me at the show Sunday. I appreciate it. I'm sure I'll get my first 10lb. fluke on one of those bad boys sooner or later!

Lucky I ran into Lep at the Show and picked up a few pointers too.

I'll be looking you up when I run out...

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Hey Harvey-

The two young men in your posted picture on the previous page (Frank & Mike) are currently under my tutelage. However, they were the one's that put me in contact with you last year when I bought a bunch of teasers from you.

Frank and I will stop by and see you at the Freeport show!

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Loved that tandem rig teaser you showed me Saturday. That is a beauty. I will be in touch VERY soon to order some. I definitely have to bring those babies to Montauk with me! If I get a big monster, I'll e-mail you the pictures for your scrapbook.

If that is an invite....**** YEAH! I told ya, whenever you need a guy or two gimme a call! I'm always up for the flukies!
We have to get you out with us too for the mid-June fluke bite we've been having with balls and teasers. Nice fish. Then again in August with live snappers and peanuts. You have a spot whenever you want.
Beautiful work Harvey. See ya at the show...
Hey Skolmann,

Can you post a picture of those bullets with the hooks exposed? I like 'em but the hook is the key for me.


Thanks for coming back to me on that! I'll check it out.


I'm not sure what you are speaking of that can be used as teasers or "jigs" that cost $1. However, I would love to be enlightened if you are so inclined. If you have a method that puts more fluke in the boat, please do share.


I am one of those guys that would MUCH rather jig fluke than bait them. Yeah, it's more work but nothing in fluke fishing compares to the way they rise off the bottom to slam those high teasers! That bite is what makes me keep going into my pocket for $5 teasers made by magicians like Tom "ReelTeaser" & Harvey "PNutBunker." These two guys are so talented, I almost wanna eat the jigs myself with ****tail sauce! Couple that with the ultra light tackle and you have just about the most satisfying type of fishing you can do inshore. Are there times when the bait (live especially) will outfish jigs? Absolutely and I always adapt to what is happening at the moment. But if you tell me they are both working, I'm jigging every time. I'm not sure the feeling we derive from this fishing can be explained to someone that questions the prices of handmade jigs or "IF" they make a difference. I can tell you with a 100% guarantee that on any given day the type, size & color of these jigs makes a HUGE difference when it comes to catching fluke. Once you've mastered when and where to use each one, then you can begin to appreciate the fluke fishing we do.


Funny that you mentioned emptying out your fluke tackle every year to make room for the "new" stuff. I am doing that as I type this post! After seeing Tommy & Harvey on Saturday, I need to make room for all the stuff they are gonna be tying for me in the coming weeks! We sicko fisherman think alike I see.
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I'm game for any fluke jigging charters. Capt. John is a good guy. I have been on his boat many times fluking but I've never seen him fish.
If simple means a Tom or Harvey teaser placed about 12" above a bullet, spro or sinker.....yeah, I've kept it simple!
I remember Harvey. That was only one of the trips when we killed the fluke on your teasers. If I recall correctly, that day they only wanted the white teaser with the red head. Seems like when it's overcast and cloudy, white is a hot color.

Look forward to doing it again this season.
That was indeed Tom Teaser you saw at the Lindenhurst show on Saturday. I was there as well and chatted with Tom. He is a master with those teasers. Not sure those things should be legal. I wonder how many fluke commit suicide on his teasers every year?

Squaleblinks, I see that you invested in a Tsunami stick! Nice choice. Great little rod for $25! No way to beat it. Can't tell ya how many times I put down one of my custom sticks to use a Tsunami rod.
OK boys-

The cat is out of the bag...I'll be looking into this site VERY soon.

Pete, you been keeping secrets from me?
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Hit the Freeport Show today and even though our fluke season is looking bleek, two of our resident fluke tyers Tom ReelTeaser and Harvey PNutBunker were hard at work.

Some really beautiful looking teasers. These guys are so skilled at what they do. I saw so many things I liked, my head was spinning.

Thanks guys for being so dedicated and providing us with such works of art
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2009 Jigging Talk!!

OK, I know many of us are not exactly thrilled with our '09 fluke regs but at least we can get out there next week and get it started. Gonna be a challenge getting those 21" fish that's for sure! Who has the secret formula for the big boys in mid-May?

I will be picking up my new custom St. Croix stick tomorrow that I built mainly for jigging 1-3 oz. jigs. I figure I can get away with bait fishing with it too since we hardly ever use much more than 3 oz. of lead anyway. Really excited to see what this new stick can do.

Also looking forward to putting some really beautiful teasers (courtesy of Tom "Reel Teaser" and Harvey "PNut Bunker") to the test with some Gulp baits. Pete, I still have to pick your brain about what Gulp baits have been working for you. I really want to give them a workout this season.

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