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lets see some pics of your offshore chariot

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Pursuit2. I am sure you know that you can't touch any of those boats new for 150K. I currently run a 27 Albemarle and love it. Rides great but tough on the drift. I was also concidering moving to the 30 or 32 Albemarle. There are alot of used 32's that can be had in the 150 range. Older boats but with Albemarle that is not usually a problem. In my opinion I would stay with the Albie.
Thanks to all for opinions

Strikethree - I will add the Stamas to my list of possibilities. Thanks.

htwoopup - I want to go a little bigger than 30'. For family reasons, I am not planning on moving up until at least Spring 2006 and possibly even Spring 2007. Thanks anyway.

Makoexpress - I plan on going used. Have not had a chance to get on an Albie, but have heard nothing but great things about them. Yachtworld has a few in the 175K range. They may be out of my reach.

I am gonna start looking in the spring and narrowing my choices. I'll only go to dealers though because I don't want to bother personal sellers when I am not planning on buying for awhile.

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Reelfast, give us some details on that sweet ride
boat pic

its a 43 ft Donelle..14'6" beam
big single Diesel not sure what im going with yet...

The picture above is a sistership...They are built up in New Brunswick..Still have alot of things to consider..but im pretty sure this is gonna be the boat
Good luck with everything, I'm sure we will get too see some pics once its done. What are your engine options and what kind of speed are you looking at??

You can find older 32 Albemarls in the $150k range, but I'd do some checking on the custom market first.

I'll venture to guess that a 28-32' custom built Carolina boat (stick or cold molded) with a single screw would probably run you close to that same money. I would much rather have a new boat built the way I wanted than a used boat that has the potential of giving you a headache.

Just my thoughts.

I live in an area that sometimes it seems there's a boatbuilder on every corner. All custom Carolina with the flare, sharp entry, and near flat stern. They can range from outboards (usually boats up to 32') to single screws to twins. Unless you go wild for a yacht finish they are more reasonable than people think. I just went to see a friend this afternoon and he has 9 Carolina boats going right now from 28' to 67' and about to start #10...these are all going on at one time. People are beginning to figure out a custom boat is more economical than a factory boat.

Jay/Harkers Island, NC
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cape each and every boat out there has the potential to be a headache. whether its new or pre owned. boats are nothing more than overpriced money pits. but my god what would we do without them???????????????? ;)

I am a big fan of Twin Egnine set-ups. Don't think I could afford to go new, even custom, with twin Diesels.

Anyone have any thoughts on the difference in ride between a Albemarle 32 and a Blackfin Convertible 32? More so into a Headseas than on the drift.
The Lep fartzin' around at Cholera last Sept:


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how did you like the old ride (scarab 35)? was she wet? how fast? would you ever go back to a go fast cc?
A Sick Sick SICK SICK Chariot

Dixons are probably the HOTEST Novi-boats built


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right about that googin. you ever see the Jacquline i think its the 45 x 17. its in gone fishing right know. or the tuna tangler2.
The New fishbucket

is a 46 Dixon as well as the "HOT TUNA"

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Anyone know what kind of power they put into these things and what kind of speed they get??
these boats are not your typical 15knot lobster boat. you can make em go as fast as your wallet will let you. i think i read that the hot tuna had a 830 detroit and was cruing in at 22 knots. everyone always associats lobster boats as being slow but up in maine there is something called the lobster boat races and the fly around a course at 40-50 knots. its all about the HP. when you get a boat built you can put what ever kind of motor you want. most boat that are commercal lobstering arent looking for speed but rather a fuel effcient, reliable ride
the wesmac and the northern bay can both do well better than 22 knts . Hull design also plays a big part in that look at the bottom of a wesmac compared to lets say a 42 H&H big difference. More times than not you will not see a fully rounded bottom breking any speed records , you need that hard chine for lift. Tried to find some info on those Dixons and could'nt find anything does anyone have a link to there site?
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