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lets see some pics of your offshore chariot

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Here's a new to me '89 28' Rampage picked up this fall.

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mako did you get the new rates for the town marina's little confusing from last year
What is the town marina? When I bought the boat iy was at Maple Ave and I left it there.
Flattie, looks like a clean boat for an 89. Good luck with it.
Tunaorlator, do the Volvo's burn more fuel then engines of a comparative size. What made you go with Volvo and not Cat or Cummins?

Again sweet boat, I guess you dock out of Bayshore.

Did you build her yourself or have it done.
mako the town of islip has dock spaces on maple ave i thought thats where you kept your boat
Grady, I went with volvo because of the shape of the engine you can tuck it down into the hull of a DE. The cummins has a cooling tank that gats in the way when you try and get the engine under the deck. As far as cats are concerned I have just never been a fan of the 31 series engines and I would need the 3196 to get the HP I wanted.

Fuel consumption, I'm not really sure witch burn more or less. I believe with the newer electronic engines they don't vary too much from one to another.

Yes we built the entire boat ourselves, big job but when your done you have exactly what you want and you know that its done right.

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Beautiful boat Tunaorlater, I've seen you out at the Hudson a couple of times.
Striker, Maple Avenue Marina. In with Dickson's Marine west. I think it is privately owned. Is this where you are talking about or is there another spot on Maple that is the town dock?
i forget which 1 is maple ave i'm thinking down by capt bills there is some spaces that are town doackage

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This is a pretty good sized marina. I don't think this is the town dock.
i know where you are keeping your boat no thats not town its private
"Offshore Chariot"

This is mine. 21 ft Hydra-sport.


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My Chariot

1988 Pursuit 2600. Twin Yamahas still humming (Rebuilt 2004). Cruise 25 Knots at 16 GPH. Love the boat but it bangs like **** in anything over 2 FT seas. Looking to move up in the next 1-2 years to a real Canyon Boat. Considering the following: 32 Blackfin, 32 Albemarle, 36 Topaz, 33 Bertram, 35 Henriques. Love to hear opinions!


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The albermarle will out run them all, but the topaz will sit nice in a huricane. 35 or 32 carolina classic is a nice boat too.

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I love the Carolina's, but they are a little out of my range. Albemarle may be too. I want to go $150K Max and probably closer to $115K-$125K. Not a Downeaster fan either, although I recognize what great boats they are. Just a matter or personal preference. No offense to anyone.
pursuit with that kinda dough i would look at the 34 stamas express you can get a year or 2 old one for around that price with twin yanmars
Pursuit-then again, not all pursuits pound. in fact, if you want a great boat my 1999 3000 express in mint condition (just was down at factory)is for sale. it is in north carolina at the moment. i moved up to a larger cabo. if you are interested, go to central listings. it is the express in the middle under new listing. all the pics of every piece of it are there. it is well within your price range and you can have it now. if interested pm me. the boat flies and is so dry. great boat.

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24' Blackfin (for Sale) moving up to a 29' Fin


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