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lets see some pics of your offshore chariot

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JC 31


Nice boat. I've seen a lot of JC's used as charter and commercial boats. They go out every day and they come back.
winchepoo states:

Goin downsea in my J C, oh my god we're gonna die.... They are some pretty though but to quote an ole respected member of this site "J C stands for 1 thing, Jesus Christ" enjoy her.....just tune the revs to keep her betwixt the waves


your mixing op your boats there the 35 is the dicey one on a following sea. The 31 with sufficient HP runs decent in a following sea. Nothing more that good seamanship and experience cant handle, all boats have different quirks.
Googan,I mean Pooh,
I've been on a 31 JC out of freeport in some pretty snappy seas and I was impressed on how the boat handled.I would give anything for a boat like that.
SashimiMachine wrote:
Go have another drumstick from Popeys, skinny man! Your not fooling anyone!

Too funny. . .
Where are we Going!

Enough is enough my vessel is now mentioned. The quotes by some and referring the name JC to our god steps over the line! These postings are to exchange information and gain some knowledge and not take cheap shots at with second hand information from others. I have over 6000 hours of captains time on a 31 JC and like a marriage we are still together: Quote ?For better or for worse?. Let?s just say that every boat is a compromise. In closing I can think of no finer 31 Down Easter that the 31 JC.
Capt Larry,
don't let these guys get you excited,we found out that some of these newbies aren't newbies at all.Their just hiding behind new screen names because they said the wouldn't return to Nor'east after we had the HJ incident.Well I guess they can't stay away,but they are being monitored.
The JC I was referring to was your "Kristen".After all the horror stories I heard about the JC's I found them not to be true at all.That day sharking we were in some real snotty water and I was totally impressed with the ride home.Like someone mentioned in a previous post,most of these guys that knock down boats don't own a boat.They fish on others boats.There is nothing wrong with fishing with others but this does not make you an expert.Most boat owners love their boats,and there is a thousand different makes and models.Its all a compromise.
Like I said before in another post,I would do anything for a boat like that.
"I've been on a JC and I almost died".

Cran__Maybe if you were on a another boat you would have died. Maybe the JC saved you.

There is no best boat !!
Bruno 35 or Henriques Express 35

Tahsmoo 2 - Getting back to your question - what are the differences between these 2 boats? As Captain Larry mentioned in his latest post - every boat is a compromise. The Bruno 35 was a great boat that sipped fuel at 8 gallons per hour but only ran at 13.7 knots with her 210HP 3208NA Cat diesel. Canyon runs took 7 hours and shark fishing in tournaments was limited to spots 30 miles or less offshore. We sold her with over 5000 hours on that Cat with no issues.

Our Henriques 35 Express cruises at 26 knots but burns 25 gallons per hour. The boat has an incredible walk-in engine room and enormous below-deck fish boxes that have stored 2 bigeyes, 18 yellowfins and 10 longfins with no problem. I could keep going on about the merits of the Henriques 35, since there are many. Canyon runs and long runs in shark tournaments are now a breeze.

The real issue in comparing these boats is the price tag. If you have the funds and don't want to charter the boat - go with the Henriques. If you want a great charterboat at a more reasonable cost go with the Bruno or other downeast boats, such as the JC 31. They sip fuel and are tremendous boats.

My father and I almost bought a JC 31 prior to purchasing the Henriques 35 and found it to be a great 31 footer. I have fished on them before with good captains and had no issues.


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Thank you for comments. Both of the boats are nice. I think age is catching up with me. Going up and down a ladder all day fluke fishing gets old fast. I don't mind it offshore because you are either up or down.

Is the bottom on your boat the same as the 35 ft Main Coaster they made?
Henriques 35 Express - Based on the 38 Henriques Hull

Tashmoo 2 - you hit the nail on the head with going up and down ladders all day. We traded in our 38 Henriques Flybridge since my father wanted to get an express model to avoid climbing up and down when trolling buker spoons for bass and canyon tuna trolling. Glad that we did and never looked back.

The 35 Express is based on the 38 Henriques hull and NOT the Maine Coaster hull. Henriques has stopped making the Maine Coaster hull.

Attached is a photo of our boat out of the water to show you the hull design. What lies below the waterline is what gets you home from 100 miles+ offshore and that is why we keep choosing Henriques. They build a superior canyon vessel.


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As Paulie mentioned there are some troublemakers among us, and if they act up here in the Offshore their posts will be deleted, and they will be banned.

As far as the 31' JC goes, I couldn't begin to count the number of times I have fished with Captain Larry aboard his boat, and have seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is a great boat, and if I were in the market for a 31' Downeast, the JC would make my short list for sure.

I've owned both the 28 seaworth(bhm) and a 26 general marine. NOW bhm great head sea boat and I don't think you'll find another in that size that will beat it, BUT I have been in alot better following sea boats. 26 General Marine, never been in a DE boat in that size range that was that good in a following sea, BUT I have been in alot of boats that ride a better head sea than that boat.

As been said before, all boats have there ups and downs. Its a personal preference.
My west coast FL "Offshore" boat

needed somthing for digging grouper , spear fishing ect. this is here. shes considered an Offshore boat down here. Laura and my old man are in the pic. Just got done riding it out through a wicked thunderstorm off anclote key


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Aint that the truth. Nice ride man. I wish there was enough water in the channel to get a deep V inboard out where I keep my new baby.
Sweet Ride Termite..I know you will love that boat..solid, heavy will be smiling in the 4-6ers take her down to 20 knots and more getting your teeth rattled,,

I run a 35 Car out of montauk...hopefully you chose the 440 yanmars

I got the cummins QSB 380's. I wanted the 425's but they did'nt make production in time for my boat. I wanted the commonrail engines. I seatrialed one with the 440 yanmars but I was not impressed with them. Very noisy and they smoked a lot.

With both cummins ideling, the generator makes more noise. I only have 30 hrs on them and so far I really like them. I get a 27 kt cruise at 2700 rpm with about a 30 gal hr fuel burn. Time will tell
Nice Rig! I love the Cummins! My Uncle has the 480's in his 35 Carolina, and they run great! Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on those jap motors.
nice rig

I had the pleasure of being on one of those 32's last year. Nice open layout and great ride at 27knts. Good luck with her. Does she have a name?
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