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lets see some pics of your offshore chariot

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Hot Tuna

you guys can also bet with the new bluefin regs that the canyons will be full of the Green sticks this year... If you can't beat em join em..
ccrods wrote:
Bill got himself a nice rig, why the sarcasm? I wish him luck with that boat.

sarcasm??? did you meen me?

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Infested the canyon? if anyone has a right to be there its those guys. Its rediculous to even think something like that. if anyone doesnt have the right to be there its goofballs like yourself
Man, the broker Bill "Bought" that Lohr from still has it listed for sale? Interesting.... Bill how about a little bit of the old integrity check for you buddy!!

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Try speaking to his boss, Sid, dumbass. Call him, they're both good guys and will set your dumb arse strait.
I think most NE.comer's need to go out fishing and get off the computer for a while....It seems that every thread is turning into a fight.
My ride 305 Albemarle. Now where are the Macks.


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cant wait till I get the gold on the vessel


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onemorefish wrote:
cant wait till I get the gold on the vessel

theres gold all over it
Im thinking about putting a few more rod holders in I think I have some room left
you got plenty of room left. nice ride:)
Thank you shes a great boat just kidding with the more rod holders 10 is more than we can handle me and my crew are looking so much to this season hope we get some good water
onemorefish, very nice. tell us a little about her.
Shes a 31 BHM with a 450c inher she cruses at 19 the boat eats it up a little soft in the corner but mostly true all over at anchor she is a duck up and down head sea super sick down easters are real nice platforms to fish on very soft on your body Ive had her for 9 years and I had the 28 bhm before that they are great boats
I also had a 28 BHM, real nice boat. My only problem was I tried to put too much power in her and she started to run away on me in any following sea.

See ya on the edge.

I love your boat and was just wondering how much fuel you burn at cruise loaded for fishing?
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