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lets see some pics of your offshore chariot

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Try it does'nt say much about hp and speed. 830hp does'nt seem like enough to get a boat like that going.

wesmac is a hard chine boat but my northern bay is fully rounded and I'm getting 28knts wide open.

Bennie...when i do finally sell the REELFAST..i think im gonna answer your question about being wasn't bad at all..on a heavy beam sea, yes of course some spray would blow circumvent this i had a custom eisenglass screen made which made it much more enjoyable.

Cruised comfortably at 35kts burnin 26 gals an hour..

I have absolutely no regrets about this boat..she digs in to the rough water...does not pound at all and takes me to the canyon on days where most boats stay home..
1978 TOPAZ '24

Total restore/customized in 2002. Located in Palm Beach, FL


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Fort Myers Yacht & Ship Co.- Captiva '24

Total restore/customize in 2004. Located in Palm Beach, FL


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My Personal Favorite

Doesn't have much ****pit space but there is plenty of open deck space in the aft. Besides at 75 knots burning a liter of gas per second WHO THE **** CARES!!!


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James Bond-Like Boat

In case anyone was wondering or doesn't know that is the Wally Power. I saw it first on the Travel Channel. Anyone who wants one can have one if you happen to have a spare $28,000,000.00 U.S.
The Wally Power

For anyone interested this is the Wally Power website. Watch the video, it's really cool!!

Here's my chariot to the offshore grounds. With Frankie catching his first shark ever! A nice 150 lb. Mako.


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Fish Bucket

is a 48 Dixon. I was on her last week. Big old girl. Herb did a nice job setting her up.
Pigfish, Do you know what power he has? Did you get any pics while you were out?
40' With 3126B Cat 450hp 21knt cruise @14gal hr trolling @ .8gal/hr thats econony and it holds 3-tons of ICE.


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NPRT Thats a nice looking boat, how is the ride/handling?
dave is that your boat ?...congrats thats a beautiful rig
Fish Bucket

he has a Detroit and I think it's 700 or 750. We just put a new 1000 hp Man in our Guimond 45 and they think we will cruise 23 or 24. with top at 27... I'd be happy with 20 so we'll see.
Ride and handling is very good.

Thats the new boat as of August 04 still have the Grady wife says it has to go. The new boat is named "HANG EM'HIGH" Will start chartering it as soon as I run it back from Moorehead N.C. did some Tuna fishing in Dec/Jan. Will be going back down 1st or 2nd week of March to fish my way back.


Is Fish Bucket out of Eastern, CT. There was an article in one of the early issues of the Big Game Fisherman about trolling bars in the Hudson Canyon by Captain Herb Shedes (sorry for spelling). I used to read his reports in the LI Fisherman but haven't seen one in a long time
Where are you going to run charters out of ?...Northport ?...if you run any tuna trips Im def in

yup that's him. He's out of westbrook, CT. His old boat is now the Big M express.
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