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Lemon Accurate?

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I have a new accruate 665. Its only caught a handfull of BFT and other stuff like AJ's and Grouper.

The first use the pre set drag knob popped off and was missing a c-clip. At that point I didn't even get the reel up to 20lbs drag. I sent it back to Accurate and they repaired free of charge which other than shipping. I was very happy with service.

Now after a couple BFT trips fishing drags from 20lbs-27lbs I have just about lost my high gear ratio speed.

This is not a bash on Accurate but I now have to send back my reel for the second time, and its only been out a few times. The funny thing is that 90% of fish fighting time the reel has been in low gear.

The drag is great along with power, but I may have a bad reel or something. Even the lugs for reel clamp were wrong when the reel came in the mail brand new.

Anyone else have these troubles or suggestions! Thanks.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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