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Anyone have any experience with this model? I'm looking for information on the ride, speed, fuel consumption and customer satisfaction. I wrote to the factory for a brochure and their reply was that my best bet is to contact a dealer. Seemed a little odd. Thanks in advance.

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Capt.Dick Lema,designed and built these boats around 1984,I first met him in Narragansette,Rhode Island he and his son took pride in their construction and development,the boats were very popular with the local RI boys,they fished Block and all thruout RI.At the time they were reasonably priced,the boats soon afterwards become known as Rampage,and TiltonPearson I beleive started construction.I rode on them and found them to be agood boat,stable on the anchor and seakindly.They pushed fairly easily,you could probably due some further intel by calling Top Of The Dock Tackle shop located at pier 5 in Narragansette. Good Luck any other help give me a call KAREN ANN CHARTERS
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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