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Leaky Tilt/Trim Ram

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Can anyone tell me if its a big deal to fix a leaky ram on a tilt/ trim unit? I would think that its just a few o rings. Is it worth doing myself or should I have it done? Any good places on LI that do this work?
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Post a question, with the problem and type of outboard in the heading on this site:

That's a link to their discussion board listing, you'll want to post in the outboard section. There's definitly someone there who can tell you exactly what it takes.

Off the top of my head, the same thing happened to my merc. It was fairly easy, but required one special tool, and would have been tricky to take apart without a manual. I decided it needed a new end cap assembly ($60, this holds the O-rings etc..) because it was corroded and sand had found it's way in there, destroying rubber O-rings. The assembly was on a 3 month back-order.. after a few trips without power tilt, I took it apart, replaced the O-rings with odds and ends from the hardware store, and filled the pits w/ blue rtv. It has worked fine since (2 seasons), the end cap came in months later, and I've had no reason to install it. The O-rings weren't even quite the correct size.. so if the parts are not available or expensive, I'd say it's worth a shot.

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