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Lead for jigs

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Im new to lure making and have tied some freshwater flies. I would like to move onto saltwater bucktails and flies, and was wondering where do you get the lead used to create the jigheads? Is this a pure lead or just whatever junk you can find lying around? Do the impurities in the lead damage the melting pot at all? If i bought a pot, i would probably also use it to cast my own pistol bullets for steel target shooting

Tight Lines
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Just a JigaLow

I gave away all my lead last summer and the pot and now all I have is a couple of Molds. .50 Cal ball, .375 ball & a 1 Oz 12 Ga hollow base slug. With handles...

Also have a few hundred pieces of 1/2 EMT that is cut just the right size for cod jigs/sinkers.

If you pour me some I'll let you borrow the molds and give you the EMT.

You can use a mix of Lead, Solder,Tin Wheel wieghts etc.. for the fishing sinkers but the bullets must be 99.9% pure like Ivory Soap, which by the way makes a good bullett lube and washes up nice with hot water.

Capt Walt
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Whats a Nightcaster troll for anyway?

It depends on what you want.

But for your it will cost $99.95 for a nice used beach wistle lure. Just add your own hook and your ready to troll
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