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Lead for jigs

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Im new to lure making and have tied some freshwater flies. I would like to move onto saltwater bucktails and flies, and was wondering where do you get the lead used to create the jigheads? Is this a pure lead or just whatever junk you can find lying around? Do the impurities in the lead damage the melting pot at all? If i bought a pot, i would probably also use it to cast my own pistol bullets for steel target shooting

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Guys get lead to pour from all different sources. One of the best that I have heard of are auto repair and brake shops. They seem to be able and willing to provide a good amount of old wheel-balancing weights. I've gotten into tying my own bucktails this year as well, but I buy the lead heads. I've done some reading up on the process of molding lead and it seems to be a bit too involved and dangerous for my liking. Unless you're going to be making massive amounts, lead heads of all shapes and sizes are available at reasonable prices especially at the various fishing shows and flea markets. This is a topic that has been discussed a few times here. You can do a search on the discussion boards for "lead" or "pouring" or "pouring lead" and I'm sure that you'll come up with a few helpful posts. A great book covering all types and phases of lure, jig and tackle making that was recommended to me by many members here and eloquently reviewed by our own Jerry Vovcsko (Jerryvov, this boards moderator) is "The Complete Book of Tackle Making", you can view or buy the book at and copy and paste the link below to read Jerry's review....

Tackle Maker's Bible (The Complete Book of Tackle Making)- Book review
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Jerry Vovcsko
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And I envy your bravery. For myself however, anything that requires "good ventilation, thick leather gloves, heavy coat sleeves & safety glasses" is better off bought. After all, it’s not like I told him not to do it. I even gave him some suggestions for lead sources and a good book to get info and techniques from.

Hey Walt you lil devil you! You mean you actually GAVE something away??? See? it's true...I guess hope spring eternal.
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