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Lamson 3.5 reel,2 Orvis lines, 1 Orvis 4 pc. 9 wt. Silver Label

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I would like to sell the following in a package deal. 1 reel, 1 reel bag, 2 lines, 1 rod & tube.

1- Lamson 3.5 reel ($195.00) with 200 yards of neon yellow Micron 30 lb. backing ($21.00), and Orvis Intermediate Wonderline (49.00), and 1- Orvis Floating yellow Wonder Line ($49.00) and Lamson reel bag.
1-Orvis Silver Label 4 Pc. 9 ft. 9 weight mid flex Fly rod (weighes4 3/8 ozs.), with travel sock and Orvis travel tube ($275).
Bought brand new 3 seasons ago for just under $600.00, used one season, everything in awesome shape ready to fish for $275.00 plus shipping.

Mike Lang
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Where do you live????

Why so cheap????

You got my attention because it sounds like a decent package.
I live in Queens and I work in Queens. I may be interested in looking at the outfit.
Let me know what is good for you.
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