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I recently purchased my first 10-foot moderate action Lamiglass surf rod 3/4-4 ounce this year and have enjoyed the rod so far.
I was fishing the 9 ft ODM Genesis prior which is great for lighter lure setups but wanted something better suited for large plugs.

I've been using the a 5000 Penn Battle 3 and looking to uprade this winter to a better reel. I'm within budget to get something in the Van Staal price range for a reel that will perform and I can enjoy for awhile. Most importantly, will pair the best with of the rods I have now.

Any recomendations? I'm only a few years into surf fishing and don't have alot of experience with higher end reels so not sure of the differences.

Last question, would higher end spin reels for surf perform just as well for fishing when on a charter or party boat or are there major differences i should be looking for?

Any feedback would be really helpful.

Thank you,
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