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Lake Ronkonkoma

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My grandson moved out to the area and I would like to know of the fishing possibilities on the lake? He's only 5 so any action would be okay. Thanks Lou
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if you find that spec's is too crowed which it often is if you go past spec's to gibbs pond there is much more room to fish. I haven't found the decent size bass that are in spec's but there are deffinetly much more sunnies, crappies etc... i think there is more steady action there than at spec's.
P.S. i find fishing off of the beach area instead of the dock is much better, if you go to the right of the pond there is a bunch of lilly pads cast close to those and you will be reelin em in all day long. i also find that the best time to go is around 5 ish. maybe i will see you there sometime
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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