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Is that the one in Nevada, I flew over it and drove past it in my travels to Las Vegas, The bluest water I have ever seen dont know about fishing though. The wierd thing was you could see the different water levels on the rocks and some were at least 50ft up, How is it so drastic? Maybe just rain and evaporation. Good luck and post your results Im curious to know what is in there.


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I was supposed to fish Lake Mead 2 years ago but got blown/rained out

One of my close friends went with a guide 2 years ago and loaded up with schoolie striped bass. He said they easily caught their limit (15) of #2-#4 schoolies. Winter is better for big fish up to #30. Don't know if it still that way, but he said the numbers were astounding and the fish tasted good.

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Lake Meade has been drying up for the past 10 years or so.That area has had a severe drought for the past decade.The "watermarks" you see on the walls/cliffs are the stains from water and indicate how far Meade has dropped.
Its almost at a critical stage and there is no relief/answers in sight.It has flucuated over the years since being completed (1934??) and the last time the water levels aere this low was around 1964.
Marinas have had to move further out into the lake and some have closed.

I fished Meade almost every weekend when I lived there in 1981.
Lots of Stripers

Water skied it between fishing :)
I have no idea how the fishing is these days.I'm sure a Google search would turn up a bunch of Las Vegas/Nevada/Meade type fishing websites.

I found this info:
> The level of Lake Mead at Hoover Dam has been falling since October 1998, when it reached the
all-time high of 1215.76 feet.
> The level of Lake Mead at Hoover Dam has dropped 89.63 feet since October 1998.

> The October 2006 level of 1126.13 feet is the lowest October level since 1964 when it was only 1095.12 feet.

> It took 19 years after the 1964 low point for Lake Mead to fill up again.

There is some very good Trout fishing below Hoover Dam.Drive into Arizona and go to Willow Beach.My biggest Trout came from that part of the Colorado.]

Below are a few pics (1992).When I lived in Vegas the water was at its highest level.

The red lines indicate the level of the reservoir in Year 2002.

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