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I know this may not affect some of the LI members but, I have been disappointed with the lack of local information in the Hudson River Valley reports section of Noreast. (I have tried to send an e-mail to Bob Creeden but it won't go through. If anyone knows more about how to send one let me know, thanks.)

The past couple of issues have listed very little for our area. Last week was a safety course on how to wade the Salmon River. This week there is no report at all. I understand the summer slows everything down around here, but come on? I'm sure I am not alone in being unable to travel all the time to the Willow, Beaverkill, Ausable, etc. Nor am I making weekly trips to Oswego. I will be going to the Little Salmon at the end of the month and I do value the info.

However, the fishing in the Hudson River Valley section of the reports should list the waters contained within those boundries right?
There are plenty of streams to flyfish in this area that almost never have low water conditions that plague the upstate rivers; how many times can we read "temps are high, water is low, trout will die, Don't Fish!!"

In addition, Hudson River and reservoir reports are scarce. Fishing in the Hudson now still offers good action on snappers and blues to 5 lbs., schoolie stripers in the river mouths, and the omnipresent perch, catfish, and carp.

The reservoir anglers have been having a banner year on trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, white perch, etc. So, What gives? My fishing time is dictated by work and other responsibilites. If I can get a few hours in during the evenings and maybe a few more on the weekends, that's a lot. I'm not going to waste 2-6 hours driving all the way upstate for those few hours when we have some trophy class fisheries (2-6 minutes in some cases for me) in our back yards.

I'm not trying to bash Bob C. I would just like to see a return to local action so I can save the gas in driving to tackle shops to get the scoop. Anyone else feel the same?

P.S., maybe this info would be of value to the LI fishermen who want to try some sweetwater action not so far from home.
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