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L.I. Fisheries Management Meeting

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On Wed. May 7 from 7-9:30PM the NY State Chapter of the Recreational Fishing Alliance will hold a meeting open to the public. Present will be Jim Donofrio, the national RFA Executive Director and The Fisherman magazine Executive Editor Jim Hutchinson who is also on the national Board of Directors of the RFA.
It will be held at the Freeport Recreation Center, 130 East Merrick Road just west of the Meadowbrook Parkway exit.
Parking is free, there will be a raffle for tackel and gear, and food and refreshments will be available.
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The announcement in the papers said Phil Curcio general counsel of the United Boatmen and the NYFTTA "will discuss the impact the reauthorized M-S Act has on the LI fishery' and "how HR5425 can bring some relief".
Donofrio and Ray Bogan, RFA general counsel "will discuss the dire future of our sport under the current M-S Act and why it is absolutly necessary to pass an amendment immediately".
I guess there will be a Q&A session and other items. I think it would be an excellant time to take a look at the RFA for those who are considering joining.
The RFA-NY leader, [email protected] would also be a source of info.
The announcement said it was an open meeting. Nothing about pre-registration. Don't know if you will have to sign in.
That was a very helpful post. Thanks.
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