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Bought and installed a Jabsco Par-Max 4 washdown pump for my cc last May. Used it all last season with no problems until Nov. when it ceased to function properly. Did not save the receipt or even register the product. Took it off the boat and sent it back to the factory for warranty work last week. Received via Fed Ex today a brand new pump as well as new fittings, nozzle, and pumpguard strainer. All with no proof of purchase. Thats what I call customer service. Nice to know there are companies that will stand behind their products. Keep this in mind when buying a new washdown / livewell pump, I know I will.
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I had a very similar situation with Shimano! I had a reel (Baitrunner 4500) bought in '89 or '90, sent it for a line tracking problem, they sent me a new 4500B.

It's hard finding quality suppliers that back up their brag! Jabco & Shimino!!! The best!

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