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Run the line through the eye of the hook make a loop and start wrappin from the eye down the shank of the hook 5 to 7 wraps then feed the line through the end of the loop......
and wet the line and pull tight..
I know it sounds dumb but make sure your using hooks with the eye bent.....

Plugs not drugs..

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Excuse the crude drawing
1. make a circle passing through the eye two times
2. pinch the eye and wrap the line from the shorter end " hookend" downward, tightly to keep it neat in a twisting motion (the line coming through the eye at the hook end is were the twist is fed from - keep the line going in and out of the eye straight as you can)
3. after a few twists take one hand while still pinching with the other hand and pull the slack through the eye towards the tail end, pull tight

I hope that the attached drawing helps.

This knot seems harder than it is, after a few tries it becomes second nature.

There used to be some good knot diagrams on this site, I think they got replaced with animated knots, which I find confusing.

Hope this helped

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A simple Surgeon's loop will work just fine--double the line, tie it in an overhand knot, and before you tighten it, pass the loop end thru a second time and draw tight.

You could also just tie it off to a barrel swivel, and that's probably what you should do if you're using a fish-finder rig. And what you almost have to do with an eel rig.
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