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Killie traps

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Looking for info on bait to use in Killie trap. I fish moriches by area.
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Killie bait

just about anything will work. Crushed blue claw crab works really well. I've also just set it out with some stale bagels and that works too! Want spearing.... add a little liverwurst or cat food. Works great!

Fatal Attraction
You can really use anything it seems.... I was brought up using bread. Just take one or two pieces of bread, roll them into balls and leave them in the trap... Works great. In fact, I'm heading out today to try my luck. Hopefully I can get some.
I concur with the aforementioned use of blue claw crabs...I throw the shells of the cooked ones in the trap and it works like a charm. If you leave it in overnight don't be surprised if there are an eel or two as well in there;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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