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i lived in key largo for a little while. if i can give you some info it would be to drive 20 mins south to robbies in islmorada and take their boat out. i worked their for a while and the people are great the prices are good. also if you never seen huge tarpon you can feed the at the dock. if you are looking for a good charter for a good price look up blue sky charters. also out of robbies. capt. sky stanley had lived in islmorada his whole life and had worked boats almost as long. he has been alover the world with the billfish exteream espn. he really knows his stuff. at robbies you can get what ever you want. you can rent a boat, jetskies, eat lunch a the hungrey tarpon.

the party boat has 2 drips a day and 1 every night, sky will set up the charter anytime.
if you want more info pm me and i can help some more.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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