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Key Largo & Kingfisher Rods

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Does anyone have any info on the above 2 rods that they are willing to share? The Kingfisher is a 6 foot rod which looks like an old boat rod with the long wooden handle, but designed for using a spinning reel, (i.e.) large guides at handle end small guides at tip end. The Key Largo Rods ahve a label which reads:

Custom Built by
Key Largo Rods
P.O. Box 33
Key Largo, Fl. 33032

Many Thanks!!


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Key Largo Rods

The name has been used by more then one company, to the best of my knowledge the first company to do so actualy had the rods made in Hati built on gator glass blanks with imported components- they appeared rather attractive as a considerable ammount of metallics were used- sold from a small venue as a person drove into Key Largo Fl.Their fortune has changed many times from popular to lousy over time where they stand today I can't say but if one is looking into this type of mas produced rod I think they would be better of with a Chaos or Star- cost a little more but some better construction
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