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Keeping track of spots and logs

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Hi Al and everyone,

I am beginning to have a problem keeping track of all my fishing spots both for car/travel directions and once on the water. How do you (guys) keep track of this?

Also, I want to begin to keep a fisherman's log of all the important information for future reference. I can guess at the simple stuff like date, time, tide, barometric pressure, temp., etc. but can you give me more info on stuff that I should track that is not that obvious?

Thanks very much.
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Once I MOB on the Gps, I write them in a book the number given to me by the Gps.

Once at the dock, where its calm, no fog, and confusion...I co reference the spots, write them down..and bring them to my workplace.

I then go into Maptec ( on computer ) make a new waypoint, and organize them according to fish type and incoming or outgoing. Then I bought a color printer and print out say " outgoing striped bass waypoints ". I now onboard have a color book, with all of my waypoints, on the back of the printout ( map )I list the specs of waypoint, which I list day how many fish caught conditions etc. When the going gets tough, those little ledges that you hit the MOB ..are never lost. Just pullout the handy book.

Sounds like a lot of work but its really easy to do. Nothing is worse than spending hours driving around looking for fish, I rather do my homework first.

Maptec now $199, color printer Cannon wide carriage $169, pages are .10 each, for the good color pages.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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