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Keeping track of spots and logs

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Hi Al and everyone,

I am beginning to have a problem keeping track of all my fishing spots both for car/travel directions and once on the water. How do you (guys) keep track of this?

Also, I want to begin to keep a fisherman's log of all the important information for future reference. I can guess at the simple stuff like date, time, tide, barometric pressure, temp., etc. but can you give me more info on stuff that I should track that is not that obvious?

Thanks very much.
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Tracking or logging your fishing reports is critical for your future success and finding specific patterns.
In general, the important information you should log are: Tide, Place, Time & Date, Moon, Wind, Species, Method, water clarity & condition (clean, dirty, muddy, weedy and bait), Air & water temperature and who did you fish with (boat, friend etc).

You should also add a section to write about your trip: This will make it more exiting and as years goes by… you will remember the event! ;)

Just thinking... How many of you out there keep a log?

Tight Lines,

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
Rooster wrote:
…Sounds like a lot of work but its really easy to do. Nothing is worse than spending hours driving around looking for fish, I rather do my homework first. …
Hello Rooster,
To a degree, it is a lot of work… but in the long run, it's a useful tool. It saves you time, gives you a "general" idea what the fish are doing and an ultimatum to follow a pattern-or- create a new.

Soundfisher wrote:
… I found a fishing diary and database software on the net. It is extremely easy to add information. It keeps track of all the information Crazy mentioned in a previous post, plus a few other tid-bits of info including a "notes" section where you can write about your day of fishing. ..

That's great! I like the "note" section because I find that very useful… I am curious, does it also have a "drawing" sketch pad?

Fencer04 wrote:
I log everything in a database that I created. I also have a book with all of my Loran coordinants. I don't put them in to the unit itself because I don't want others on my boat to be able to take them down and if the unit is stolen I don't want some of the spots to be common knowledge.

That is understandable and I totally agree with you!

I've been "handwriting & drawing" my logbook for a long time and I believe it's time to start downloading into a system… but I also need a drawing software. Can anybody recommend one?

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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Hi Folks,
Thanks much… I will look into it! :)

NightCaster wrote:
I guess Trout Fisherpeople are more technologically advanced and more refined than we are.
Hmmm….That's a very interesting assessment… But I fly for trout and like to believe that is not true. Can you elaborate more? :)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
Hi Richard,

You are too funny! LOLOLOL...

I tell ya what.. Let's meet at the Mag. Pier and discuss this. ;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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