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Keep as many green crabs as you like. They are not native to our shores and displace other crabs (blue) when compeating for food. Someone told me this once. Also be on the look out for any Asian Shore Crab, Hemigrapsus sanguineus and kill them ffast.

I keep green crabs in a 48qt cooler with a drain. once every few days I would fill the cooler with fresh sea water at the dock and pull the plug. The water will turn brown quickly as the crabs eliminate their wastes (not going to the bathroom kills them, they can only go in the water). Keep doing this a few times till the water stays clean. The dead crabs will come to the top and take these out. Drain all the water and cover with seaweed or eelgrass. Leave the cooler in the shade with a small crack in the lid to let some air in.

You can almost keep them for weeks doing this. The stone crabs die within a day or two so use them first if you like them over green crabs. I prefer greens unless the bergalls are thick.

Capt. Marc

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