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Keeper sized porgies in Jamaica bay

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I have a small inflatable boat so I am pretty much stuck with fishing within the limits of the bay... I think. In any case I am definitely more comfortable within the confines of the bay. Does anyone know of any spots where keeper sized porgies can be caught in the bay? :confused:

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I used an inflatable boat as well, I don't recommend the MPB since the swells are really strong and keeper ratio isn't that impressive. Do you row or have a small motor? If motor I guess it's doable. But I prefer to find a quieter bay, I don't venture out into open water on my inflatable and its an Avon which is a presitigous brand of inflatables.

Try for another fish first there until you get comfortable, it can get rough there, I went on my boat there once and was overwhelmed, I moved to the quieter waters of FBF quickly.

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