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Dry suits are great but we're passing the that time of year now. When late fall rolls around we can discuss it again. Soon it will be splash pants and shorts.

Right now I'm wearing stockingfoot, breathable waders with kayak booties and a kayak dry top. Both the top and the booties can be seen at our site. We also have a great breathable wetsuit that has a layer to stop wind. Its the NRS Hydroskin. Getting back to the breathable system I use. It works great, keeps me dry and depending upon the temps I can layer for any weather. I use modern fibers underneath like capilene and fleece, when necessary. I carry a dry bag with me so I can have a place to keep extra layers dry. I can also shed layers if needed and put them in the dry bag.

Magilla, check compnies like Cabelas and Bass Pro. They make some waders for big boys. Also check Orvis.

For the kayak get the inexpensive breathables. Kayak fishing doesn't present any wear and tear so they last. I've gotten 3 full season out of my Bass Pro White Rivers. They were a great purchase at $99.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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