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Kayak vs Inflatable pontoon

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Thinking of adding a new dimension to salty fly fishing.Pros and cons?
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actually the yak is better by far but If you do decide to go pontoon, get in touch with me as I've gone a great one (a Water Otter) that I'd dearly love to sell to you!
don't give the pontoon the nod!

having owned both, i can tell you for sure that the yak is far superior to the pon in every way. with the pon, you've got about 15-20 minutes of setup every time you go out, what with putting the frame together and blowing up the pontoons. If you use flippers for motion, they're a hassle, you may find. Plus, I always hate having my feet dangling down there with the toothy critters.
you will never flip in a pontoon, that is probably true; but on your better kayaks, you've got to work at flipping. Get a Cobra Explorer from Jon'n'Joey and be done with it. You'll have tons of stability, plus tons of mobility. Can you rig a pontoon with rod holders, fish finders, and all the other crapola? Probably. But it'll be much less hassle in a yak.
Go Yak!
But if you insist on pontoon, remember: I have a Water Otter looking for a new home!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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