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Kayak vs Inflatable pontoon

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Thinking of adding a new dimension to salty fly fishing.Pros and cons?
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I had a seyvlor inflatable boat a while back.The "fish hunter"They are a royal pain in the ass.You have to pump them up every time you go out and then deflate them when you leave.A sit on top is definitely the way to go.I was out on mine yesterday in a really crowded body of water,facing wakes from speedboats and jetskis and the kayak just rode up and down with no tippiness, bobbing like a cork.It also flies through the water even in the face of a strong wind.It's frigging amazing.In fact the only time I came close to tipping was when I was half turned around playing with my fishing tackle.It was practically at a right angle to the water and all it took was a shrug of my hips to right the boat.Now that's stability.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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