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kayak transporting

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I just bought a new 14' kayak, to get it home I tied it to the top of my Explorer with rope. I now need a better, quicker way of securing the 'yak' to the top of the car. Should I be using bungee cords or get a good 'yak' rack. If I need a rack what is a good brand to use? My 'yak' will have to endure about a 2 hour drive everytime I go fishing. I want the confidence that it is secure.
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you need yakama or Thule racks...dont fool around with a kayak on the roof that can kill someone...go to for the best prices

I've used a Yakima rack for bikes, skis, and kayak for almost 10 years--terrific equipment. In that time, Thule changed its configuration, forcing owners to upgrade at significant cost. Meanwhile Yakima's config. has not changed.
Does your Explorer have any type of factory rack or is the roof bare? The reason I ask is there are a variety of ways you can go depending on what or what isn't up there.

I've had a Yakima for over 11 years and its been terrific. I carry up to 4 yaks on it at one time. Recently I carried 4 Cobra FishnDives from Wildwood to northern NJ. The racks great. Here's a pic from a recent trip down to the Susky Flats in MD.
Thule or Yakima racks are great. I have Thule bars and saddles. If you have decent factory racks you can use some foam to pad and then 2 good web straps under bars/over yak. I tie off bow and stern for any highway cruising. Bars save some wear and tear on the finish of the car if that matters and can also be easier to load.

I will be a yaker in a matter of days. But I must leave my yak always on the top since I live in an apt and it won't fit in the elavator and I'm not hiking up 12 flights of stairs. So...what should I do ?
I have a sit-in and lockable Thule bars. I put a heavy U-bolt thru the bulkhead behind the seat and spoiled the threads. I lock it up to the bars with a plastic covered chain for bicycles. For SOT's you can put the chain thru a scupper hole. For longer term serious security I would consider a longer chain and lock it to the car frame or through the back windows.
Hey onthefly....I also live in apt building and that why my first kayak was a cobra explorer I use to walk it up 4 flights of stairs. I also bought a junker car to keep the kayak on all summer and used the car to just transport it to and from water. youre in a tough spot being in the city, I wonder if you could get a small kayak in you elevator. What I think you should do is find out about storage at some club somewhere and just pick it up when you want it, there are some on the hudson, I am not sure about leaving it on a car , one thing I found out is that if there is a will there is a way.

oh here I am in a picture-dont I look at peace with myself? How could you not get a kayak
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