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K-Bouy area

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Find a place (about 1-1.5 miles S or SE of 42)in the middle of the sound with a flat sand/mud bottom, no structure, no humps, no weeds as best as I can tell with my cheap depth finder, throw out some bunker chunks and chum and catch stripers in the spring and blues right now. How can it be. I always thought you need to find a drop-off, rock piles, mussle beds, shallows near deep water or vice versa. Why should this spot be productive? I'd think it would be the least productive spot in the sound. Anyone have any clues?
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When fish are migrating through a area, such as what is happening at this time of the year, even bottom with no structure can hold fish. The western portion of the Raritan Reach off of Staten Island is one area that pops into my mind. Bass and blues swim up and down along this featureless area, and can be caught in large numbers. I always prefer to get near a piece of structure or bottom anomaly when chunking, but you can catch fish on featureless areas like this. For years, the Patchogue grounds, which is a large sandy featuresless area on the southshore, held large bodies of bluefish. With bass though, even though you think that this is featureless bottom, it could be praved with small stones with no relief, or other structure in the vicinity that you do not know about.

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