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just figured it out i think

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after the last few months of having the most lil problems with fish eyes in the first and second coat of aftcote on over wraps.its never in the madera thread but sometimes in the ncp thread. mostly in the first few guides closest ti the butt. i figured it out today it must be that ive been using both madera and ncp for a number of rods all summer the silicone on the madera must be chross contamitaing the ncp thread. to the point i have to scrub the finish with laqure thinner to get rid of the fish eye they are real small but i know they are there. it was only in the first 2 or 3 guids was making me going to wash off the thread cart and see if it was it or not but it makes sence right?
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I won't use it on guides, it's not worth teh hassle. Hopefully I'm able to come out with a Polyester thread made for rodbuilding in the next few months, as much a I like Madeira it has its drawbacks.

Teh only way you'll know if you figured it out, is on the nxt few rods. I will say that when I go downstairs in a little while, I will be wiping down all my pigtails on my thread carriage. While I do not use Madeira on teh carriage, I will get a random fisheye with accompanying foam bubble patch, and cannot figure out where it's from. I've been blaming myself for not thouroughly cleaning teh brushes after removing them from teh U40 Brush Solvent.
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